Benefits of Raw Feeding for Dogs

Benefits of Raw Feeding for Dogs

Pets are a part of the family, and it’s only natural you would want to provide your dogs with the best possible diet. Most dog owners today are switching to a raw diet for dogs as it is healthier, more natural, and less processed. Even if you use premium brands that produce high-quality dog food, all dry or wet foods are processed. It’s best to avoid such commercial products if you care for your furry best friend.

If you’re contemplating whether or not you should switch to a raw diet, read on to learn all the health benefits of raw feeding for dogs.

Health Benefits of Raw Feeding

Here is a list of all the benefits of feeding your dog a raw diet over commercially processed products:

1.      Improved Bone and Joint Health

Every dog deserves to have healthy bones and joints. There is no better way to ensure that besides providing your dog with an actual crushed bone. It contains essential nutrients, including calcium, marrow, collagen, phosphorus, chondroitin, and glucosamine. They’re excellent for puppies and promote healthier bone and joint health.

2.      Softer and Shinier Fur with Better Skin

Meat and dairy products from grass fed animals, oily fish (Salmon), chia seeds, and flax seeds are all rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help improve skin and coat in dogs. This supplement is particularly beneficial for dogs with allergies and inflamed skin conditions. Omega-3 fatty acids provide an anti-inflammatory effect and keep the fur shinier and softer. 

3.      Less Stool Odour and Volume

Most dogs have a digestive system that retains most of the nutrients from the diet, letting out only a small portion. But consuming commercial-based dry or wet foods can reduce digestion; thus, your dog passes more stool. However, a healthy raw diet for dogs ensures that all the nutrients are absorbed within the body, improving health and reducing stool volume.

Moreover, most diets contain carbs as fillers. They can be hard to digest, which creates a foul stench from the dog’s stool. However, a purely raw diet barely contains any fillers and limited quantities of carbs, so there is a significant reduction in stool volume and odour.

4.      Boosted Immunity

The immune system is the first line of defence that protects your dog from infections and viruses. Your furry friend needs a well-balanced and nutritious diet to ensure it stays in perfect shape. The best way to provide nutrition to dogs is by feeding them raw food.

Meat should be the central component of your dog’s diet. Raw muscle meat instils essential vitamins and nutrients that keep the immune system strong. It is also rich in minerals and fats that keep your dog energized. Fresh, raw meat has countless health advantages over cooked and processed meat. Raw meat contains numerous micronutrients that keep puppies and elderly dogs healthy throughout their life.

Moreover, incorporating fruits and leafy veggies is an excellent way to keep vitamin levels in check.

Then there are superfoods, such as garlic, kelp, and wheatgrass, that eliminate potential toxins from the body.

5.      Improvement in Body Odour

Although there hasn’t been much research on the effects of a raw diet on the body odour, many dog owners have confirmed that feeding a raw diet reduces the smell considerably.

6.      Enhanced Dental Hygiene

Bones are considered an excellent choice for improving dental hygiene in dogs. Moreover, consuming a raw diet with bones helps eliminate plaque, making maintenance of good oral health easier. You can also introduce peppermint occasionally to freshen up the breath.

The Bottom Line

Most dog owners prefer feeding their dogs canned or packaged commercial foods or home-cooked food. However, cooked food can lose the nutrition that dogs need to enjoy a healthy life, and processed food lacks the nourishment that your furry friend deserves.

But there are countless health benefits of raw feeding for dogs. It helps strengthen the immune system and promotes healthier bones and teeth.

Other health benefits include improved skin and fur, less stool quantity and odour. Plus, consumption of meaty bones contributes to improved oral hygiene.

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