Is Raw Diet Safe for Puppies?

Is Raw Diet Safe for Puppies?

Puppies grow at a fast pace, especially in the first few months of their lives. Growing puppies need sufficient nutrients in their diet to match their rapid growth. In order to fuel your pup’s development, many dog owners consider feeding them a raw diet. But is raw feeding safe?

Read on to find an answer to all your queries!

Concerns Regarding Raw Diet for Puppies

Puppies on a raw feed can enjoy multiple benefits, yet many pet owners are hesitant to introduce a raw diet to their pups because of microbe presence. Most raw food comes with bacteria and other harmful microorganisms which can deter your dog’s health.

But there are multiple ways to reduce the risk of bacteria causing gastrointestinal issues. For starters, always keep the raw food frozen when not used. It doesn’t kill off all bacteria but considerably lowers the risk. Moreover, having the mother of the puppies consume raw food before birth helps strengthen the immune system of the newly-born pup. Consequently, the puppies can easily handle raw food without issues. If you’re still concerned, consider feeding your dog pre and probiotics.

Probiotics build good bacteria in the body, which helps push out bad bacteria, allowing the immune system to function better. Prebiotics facilitate the growth of good bacteria. Introducing both pre and probiotics helps your puppy digest raw food without adverse effects.

Besides, dogs have access to so many things that already have bacteria and harmful microorganisms that they have an inherent ability to fight off these pathogens.

Impressive Benefits of Raw Feeding for Puppies

Let’s look at all the benefits of putting your puppies on raw feed.

Highly Digestible Proteins and Essential Oils

Most natural foods contain proteins and essential oils that are easily digestible. When the dog ingests these proteins and oils, it results in enhanced bone and body structure. Moreover, it also has a positive effect on brain development.

Strengthened Immune System

Puppies that consume raw food have a highly strengthened immune system than those on processed dry food. Their bodies can fight off harmful bacteria, disease, and infection, improving health. Moreover, it also lowers the mortality rate in the initial stages of the puppy’s life, especially if they are derived from parents consuming raw food. 

Highly Pigmented Bodes

Puppies kept on a raw diet develop highly pigmented ears, eyes, nose, and mouth. Moreover, they also have a shinier and softer fur with improved colour. It also prevents skin diseases and helps reduce stool volume and odour.

Better Behavioral Pattern

When your puppy is put on a raw diet, it keeps them energized and reduces their temperament. This makes it easier to train and discipline your dog in the initial stages of life.

Transitioning from Processed Food to Raw Food

There are two schools of thought when it comes to transition, neither of which we feel are wrong. Firstly, you switch straight over to a raw diet the morning after their last processed meal or secondly,  you can gradually transition from processed to raw food within 1 to 6 weeks. Start by adding ¼ of raw food to ¾ of the previous diet.

Do check the stool of your puppy. Make sure there aren’t any signs of diarrhea during the transition phase. If your dog gets an upset stomach, consult your vet.

If everything seems fine, you can slowly increase the amount till they are entirely eating raw food. A solid stool is a green signal for increasing the portion of the raw diet. However, loose stool means your puppy’s immune system isn’t ready to handle the new diet. In this case, pre and probiotics can help but have your dog examined by the vet to be on the safe side.

Guidelines for Raw Feeding

When introducing a meat-based raw diet, there are specific guidelines that all pet owners should follow. Let’s look at what they are:

  • Freeze all raw meat until used
  • Thaw meat at 10 degrees Celsius
  • Use separate kitchen equipment to handle raw food for dogs as bacteria present in juices of raw meat can spread to other foods and surfaces
  • Do not let your dog lick you right after they have eaten raw food

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Is raw feeding safe for puppies? It most definitely is! There are many health benefits of feeding your dog raw food, especially when they’re young. It helps them live longer and boosts the immune system.

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