What is a Raw Diet for Cats?

What is a Raw Diet for Cats?

In recent years, a raw diet has become a popular choice of food for cats among cat owners. When cats are out there living in the wild, they mostly consume natural foods. But can domestic cats eat the same? While some pet parents are all for a raw food diet, others have some concerns regarding the health of their kitty cats.

Read on to find out all you need to know about a raw diet for cats.

What is a Raw Diet?

Ultimately, what you feed your feline friend is entirely your decision, but before making a final decision, it is essential that you learn more about raw food for cats.

A raw diet for cats mainly comprises raw organ and muscle meat. Ground bones are added to the meal to maintain a nutritional balance. Generally, cats eat chicken and fish; however, other meat varieties can also be added, depending on what your cat likes.

Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

If you’re unsure whether or not your cat should be eating raw foods, you can look at all the benefits it offers before making a decision. Here are the top 5 advantages of giving your kitty raw food:

1.      Improved Digestion

Unlike humans or dogs, cats have a completely different digestive system. Their bodies are designed only to process meat-based diets.

The digestive tract of cats is short and acidic. It can process food quickly, without leaving much time for bacteria to kick in and make them sick. Since cats are able to process meat-based diets rapidly, it improves their digestion. When you feed them commercially prepared dry food, it contains a lot of filler ingredients that your cat doesn’t need, thus affecting the digestion process.

2.      Reduced Stool Odour and Volume

If you’re a cat owner, you must know how dreadful the trips to the litter box can be. Sometimes the smell becomes unbearable. But when you feed your cat a raw diet, free from any carbs, most of the nutrients are absorbed in their body, thus reducing stool volume. The best part is that they hardly smell at all.

3.      Less Shedding and Hairballs

No one likes cleaning up cat puke filled with hair. But when your cat doesn’t get their daily fill of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, your cat will shed more with many hairball incidences. But when they source these unsaturated fatty acids from raw animal-based diets, you’ll notice a healthier coat with less shedding and hairballs.

4.      Boosted Energy

No matter how sluggish your cat might be, even the laziest among the lot will become filled with energy when they get an appropriate raw food diet. You’ll notice them running around and playing more than usual.

This happens because your furry friend’s body effectively utilizes proteins, turning them into energy at all times. The process is known as gluconeogenesis. When your cat eats kibble, it contains other nutrients besides protein that your cat doesn’t need, which reduces their energy levels.

5.      Maintains a Healthy Weight

If your cat is overweight, it’s because of overeating. When cats don’t get sufficient nutrients, they tend to eat excessively to make up for the deficiencies, resulting in them gaining weight. But when they eat a raw diet, they get their fill of nutrients. As a result, they automatically eat less and maintain a healthy weight.

With a raw diet, you won’t have to experience any mid-night episodes of your cat nagging you for food as if they had been starving all day long.

Bones in a Raw Diet for Cats

Unlike dogs, bones aren’t recommended for cats as they can break their teeth. But bones are the primary source of calcium for cats, so adding ground bones to the meal will ensure they get their fill of calcium. Some cats can even eat soft bones from poultry animals such as chicken, duck, or turkey. But it’s best to grind the bones and mix them in with the meat. It makes even picky eaters consume them without creating a fuss.

Find the Best Raw Diet for Your Cat at Raw Paws Emporium

Rather than giving your cat a raw diet made at home, consider buying pre-made raw diets. At Raw Paws Emporium, we design raw cat food while maintaining a nutritional balance and ensuring your cat gets the best diet possible.

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