Giant Bully Biltong Tube
Giant Bully Biltong Tube

Giant Bully Biltong Tube

  • 1 pc

If your dog is a very keen chewers, larger/long lasting treats may be necessary for keeping them occupied for longer than a couple of minutes. Anco Giant Bully Biltong Tubes are a delicious meat treat that are perfect for keeping a chewing dog occupied due to their size. Chewing releases endorphins - the feel good hormone - so is a great way to keep them happy and also provides a safe outlet for potential destructive tendencies or for stressed, bored or anxious dogs. They are naturally rich in protein which is essential for dogs for building/maintaining muscle and providing them with lots of energy! And they have a lower fat content making them a nice healthy treat. *Approximately 40-50cm* 

100% Beef Gullet tubes

Ash 2%
Fat 10%
Protein 69%

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