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Lamb & Apple
Lamb & Apple
Lamb & Apple
Lamb & Apple

Lamb & Apple

  • 1kg

A blend of 100% Raw Super Chunky Lean British Lamb made from 70% lean meat with added fresh apple. We make our lamb mince from high quality lean lamb, we don’t water the composition down by adding cheaper items such as heart, liver, trachea, fat or lots of offal etc so you know that when we says its lean trim thats all it is. Nothing added, nothing taken away

All of our meats are from human grade sources and offer the freshest  and highest quality. We mince the lamb with a 30mm plate which means we have a very chunky appearance and texture that dogs love.

Nothing added or taken away simply pure natural ingredients

This product is prepared from fresh fresh ingredients and comes to you frozen and is ready to eat once thawed

  • No bone
  • 100% fresh Lamb – single protein
  • Fresh apple
  • Super chunky (see picture)
  • Always UK meats
  • No added water or cheap fillers
  • Economical to feed
  • Easy to store and serve
  • Suitable to add vegetables and supplements
  • Store in fridge once thawed
  • Minimal packaging ensures low carbon footprint

      90% fresh lean Lamb meat, 10% apple

      Analytical Constituents

      Crude Protein 15%
      Crude Fat 14%
      Ash 3%
      Crude Fibre .3%

      As a general guide an adult dog needs 2-3% of their bodyweight per day and a puppy up to 6%

      Being a fresh product once defrosted, keep for 48-72hours in a refrigerator. This meal should be fed raw. Thoroughly defrost food before serving.

      Always remember good hygiene practices, handle as you would any other raw meat. Wash hands and utensils after handling.

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