Meaty Bubbles - Roast Chicken
Meaty Bubbles - Roast Chicken

Meaty Bubbles - Roast Chicken

  • 150ml

Roast Chicken Flavour.

The bubbles are fun to pop, releasing a burst of the tempting aroma, providing a playful and satisfying experience for pets. Whether used for playtime, training or simply as a treat, our cheese flavoured and scented meaty bubbles are sure to become a favourite for all pets.

Encouraging Exercise & Stimulation

These floating bubbles provide an irresistible moving target, making them perfect for initiating a fun and engaging exercise session.

Meaty bubbles can add an exciting twist to their daily exercise regimen, making it more enjoyable and thus encouraging a more active lifestyle. 

Providing Mental Stimulation

Physical exercise is important, but let's not forget about the cognitive aspect. The mere sight of these floating orbs can capture your purrfect pet's attention, tickle their curiosity and engage their mind. Chasing after the bubbles provides an engaging activity that can ward off boredom and reduce stress, keeping your furry friend mentally sharp and content.

This recipe is non-toxic and VEGAN FRIENDLY, Gluten Free and Halal Safe!

Ready to use with included bubble wand or in a bubble machine.

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