Tips for Boosting Your Pet’s Immunity

Tips for Boosting Your Pet’s Immunity

As your fur babies grow older, their immune system doesn’t function at max capacity. But since they love to explore and move about, they are likely to catch diseases causing bacteria and infections.

However, they can still explore and enjoy life without getting sick if you work on boosting their immunity. But how exactly can you improve their immune system response?

Read on to find the top 5 tips for boosting your pet’s immunity.

5 Tips for Boosting Immunity

Here is a list of the top 5 things you can do that will help boost the immunity of your fur babies:

1.      Increase Outdoor Time

While you may think that keeping your dog sheltered indoors will keep them away from danger, the reality is quite different. All cats and dogs initially lived in the wild. Even domesticated pets need some time in the open space. Not only does fresh air release endorphins, but it also helps stimulate the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system is responsible for filtering out germs and diseases, resulting in improved immunity in your pets. So, start taking your dog to play in the park more frequently without worrying about the dangers of the outside world.

2.      Give Plenty of Massages

As you can probably tell, stimulating the lymphatic system is vital for boosting the immune system. Besides going on long walks, massaging your pet’s fur can also help. Regularly knead the fur, massaging the muscles.

It helps your pets feel a sense of comfort and create a soothing effect. But most of all, it boosts the immune system.

3.      Explore Together

Staying compounded to the same scenes can get boring, even for your fur babies. Let your doggo experience a change of scenery on occasion is important. Whether you’re taking a vacation or going for a short trip into the woods, consider taking your pup along, as it will help them get familiar with newer surroundings.

Exploring and socializing are known for keeping pets active, healthy, and happy. If possible, try to find a doggo friend for your pup so they can have occasional play dates. It helps them feel excitement and happiness, which contribute to boosting immunity.

4.      Wash Toys

Every pet has that one toy that they can’t keep away from. Whether it is a chew toy or something they like to keep by their side, it is essential to keep the toys clean.

Ensure you wash all the toys in warm water, or they will turn into a nest of bacteria that can eventually make your pets fall sick. However, you must only use water to wash the toy without adding soap, as it can be toxic. Moreover, once you’re done with the washing, be sure to dry them. Leaving them wet for a long time can also host bacterial growth.

5.      Choose a Healthy Diet

When it comes to boosting immunity, diet plays an essential role. Instead of feeding your canine and felines processed kibble, consider opting for raw diets.

Raw food for pets ensures they get all the necessary nutrients needed for a healthy life. The best part is that the food is not processed in any way and is free from preservatives. Think of it as the purest form of nutrition for all pets out there.

Today, you can find many commercially packaged raw foods for pets that nutritionists and pre-proportioned have designed to ensure they get the right quantity of food.

Additionally, when dogs and cats get sufficient nutrients, they eat moderately, maintaining a healthy weight. Some other health benefits of raw foods include longer lifespan, improved digestion, boosted fur and skin quality, increased hydration, and reduced stool volume and odour.

In other words, raw food helps improve your pet’s overall health and well-being.

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