Types of Raw Diets for Fur Babies

Types of Raw Diets for Fur Babies

Whether you own a cat or a dog, ensuring they eat a healthy diet is essential. Today, most pet parents opt for kibble or a combination of wet and dry foods. While they do contain an element of meat, these foods are packed with chemicals and highly-processed ingredients that take away nutrition. And let’s not forget the filler ingredients. Filler ingredients hold little or no nutritional value and can even harm your pet’s overall well-being.

Given there are so many dangers associated with kibble, many people have switched to feeding their fur babies home-cooked food. But cooking the meat takes away the nutrients that dogs and cats need.

Instead of cooking the meat, you should stick to a raw diet. Besides offering nourishment, it also makes your canine and feline friends more active, healthy, and happy.

But even when it comes to a raw diet, you have options. Raw food for cats and dogs isn’t only made of meat. You can find two different types of raw diets for fur babies. Read on to discover what they are.

Types of Raw Diets

Generally, there are two different models of raw food for your pets. Let’s look at an in-depth look at both:

1.      The BARF Model

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food is a specialized type of raw diet that Dr. Ian Billinghurst has designed. He is a veterinarian and nutritionist.

This diet consists of raw, uncooked meat, bones, fresh fruits and vegetables, and supplements. It’s an excellent diet for both cats and dogs, involving:

  • Organ meat
  • Muscle meat
  • Meaty bones
  • Grounded bones
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Supplements

Unlike dogs, felines aren’t too fond of chewing on bones. That’s why it is better to give them ground bones to ensure they get their fill of calcium. Some cats can chew on bones, but offering them bones of poultry, such as chicken, turkey, etc, is best. Additionally, cats don’t eat fruits and vegetables as such, so these are only limited to dogs. You can, however, add different supplements to their diet for improved digestion.

On the other hand, dogs love bones. You can start with softer poultry bones and offer them beef, pork, and other bone types. However, the size of the bone should be according to the size of your dog to avoid choking hazards.

2.      The RMB Model

RMB or Raw Meaty Bones is a diet devised by a veterinarian, Dr. Tom Lonsdale. The composition of this type of raw diet is as follows:

  • Muscle meat 80%
  • Organ meat 10%
  • Bone 10%

The meat may be whole or grounded and also contains meaty bones instead of whole bones. Consequently, it allows your fur babies to eat the meat and bones together. Of course, you may also give your pups a separate bone to chew on for recreational purposes, but for consumption, only meaty bones, such as ribs, legs, etc., are given.

So, Which One is Best?

Now that you know about the two different types of raw diets for fur babies, you must be wondering which one is better.

Well, there is no definitive answer. Whether you opt for the BARF or RMB model, it will still be better than feeding your cats and dogs kibble or any other form of processed food. Raw food is the natural diet that every cat and dog out there needs.

If your pet is used to eating kibble, consider starting with BARF, as it contains supplements that can handle any digestive issues that might occur in the transition. Once your pets get used to eating raw food, you can switch between BARF or RMB models, choosing whichever suits your fur baby the most.

However, ensuring that your pets get a balanced meal is essential. That’s why purchasing packaged raw food for cats and dogs is recommended, as nutritionists have designed them.

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